This has to be one of the major complaints that is consistently posted in most forums. “My computer is running so… slow!”

So what can you do to try and improve the performance of your PC?

If you are running Windows there are several tools you may wish to try, like Scandisk, Disk Defragmentor, and Disk Cleanup. Any of these utilities can be found under Start – Programs – Accessories – System Tools. And this is the standard advice that has been given for ages. And has worked fairly well when we actually were experiencing a slow computer system.

But what people are now posting is beyond just slow. We are talking about several minutes just to bring up the Start menu. Now that’s slow. To start you can try the above tools so see if they help any. And you can try running a virus scan or spyware scan on your system. In fact you can run all of the virus scanners and spyware scanners you want. And when your system is still running slow, it is time to call in the experts.

Who likes free ? Well over at we have a Problem Solvers section to help cleanup slow running and problematic computer systems. Using Hijack This free software, our panel of resident experts can assist you in getting your system up and running. There is also a sticky (mini-tutorial) at the top of the forum that explains how to use Hijack This and how to post a log file. The procedure is simple and painless. So come on over if and when you have a problem. We are open 24 x 7 for your convenience.

Just stop by at: Lockergnome.

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