Want to save a few bucks on that new HDTV television or Playstation 3 install? How about more than a few? You just need to plan ahead.

Don’t buy your HDMI cables at the big box store. Buy them online, instead.

Your wallet will thank you.

No doubt about it, those Monster Cables sure look nice, but they sure cost a whole heck of a lot … and there’s a very good chance that you (and perhaps most importantly, your significant other) won’t notice the difference in picture quality.

The HDMI setup that I put together last summer uses three generic HDMI cables and an A/B switchbox. I bought the entire rig online for less than the cost of single big name cable. The whole deal cost me less than a hundred bucks, delivered … easily a third of the big box cost — and that’s without the switch.

If someone can explain why Monster Cables are so expensive, I’m all ears (and eyes). Until then, I’ll keep happily chugging along with my bargain cables …

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