Aggressive Spam Defense is a sophisticated anti-spam solution for your Windows desktop.

It can automatically delete spam, and will also color-code incoming emails according to your criteria so you can quickly see which ones are important.

Most harmful email attachments (viruses, trojans, etc.) are also detected and flagged as possibly dangerous.

Preview emails safely without the risk of catching a virus or the email silently phoning home to the spammer.

Every email that comes in is analyzed and given a spam-score based on configurable criteria. If this score grows too high, the email is flagged as spam and, optionally, automatically deleted.

Using this score, emails are also color-coded so you quickly can see which ones deserve your attention. When polling your email accounts quietly in the background, you are immediately notified if an important email comes in.

A big percentage of spam is detected right after installation, but the program will further adapt during use. How aggressive you want it to be can easily be adjusted by dragging a slider or two. Multiple white-lists exist to minimize the risk of a ‘false positive.’

All presented in a clean, focused, and streamlined interface!

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