I’m not big on conspiracy theories. I never bought the idea that the JFK assassination was an inside job. Nor do I subscribe to the theory that aliens have abducted our fellow human beings and performed ghastly experimentations upon their person. Though I must admit, I have met some folks over the years that did appear to be from another planet.

But there is now a new conspiracy theory making its way around the Internet that seems to indicate we may have been fooled into thinking that Vista is really a new operating system.

It seems that after five years of trying, Microsoft had to finally concede that it couldn’t really get the new operating system working correctly. So as a last ditch effort to meet its self-imposed deadline, it opted to dress up Windows XP to make it look like something new.

Microsoft first went to Window Blinds and had a new look built on transparent windows to match what Apple has been using for years. It then sat down and moved everything around so that anyone using a previous version of Windows wouldn’t be able to find anything. Next it added some new Vista splash screens to the mix with a new version number, upgraded Internet Explorer to version 7, changed the splash screen of Outlook Express to Windows Mail, and tossed in a copy of Windows Defender for free.

Voila! The new Windows.

Just joking, Bill. I know this is not true.

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