Something political happened on WyldRyde the other night (yeah, I’m amazed): a friend of mine had her nickname deregistered and her channel closed. As far as I can tell, the reason this happened, according to her, was that she kicked a user out of her channel under suspicion of being a spambot. Later on, she felt that this happened because the network owner had it out for her, as they had clashed in the past.

Of course there’s more than one side to any story, and I simply can’t get that other side of the story. After pestering some other people, I’ve simply been ignored.

You know, every network I have ever been on has had more than enough internal problems to make me want to puke — some admins ego gets out of control, a user manages to be annoying, or some codemonkey DDoSes everyone.

Oh, I know: someone, somewhere is going to post a comment, or e-mail me about how my friend had it coming, or that I don’t know the whole story. The truth is that I really don’t care about the whole story. In fact, there shouldn’t even be a story! There should be a bunch of people, in an IRC channel, chatting.

What’s my point? None of it makes sense. It’s a chat room, people. You type text, you have a conversation, and you move on with your day; but, instead of treating it like a simple little chat room people turn it into some kind of alternate reality with a hierarchical chain of command.

I hate IRC.

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