I am a very happy Linux user, but am also aware that Linux is not for everyone. Having said this, I was a fan of SLED 10. So it’s not like I am anti-SuSE by any means.

When I heard that SuSE 10.2 had come out, naturally I was curious. Has it overcome some of the shortcomings that I had seen with 10.1? You know, like how painfully slow installation of 10.1 installation is (on a brand new AMD 64 box), how running updates offers a never ending list of retrieval errors (on three different installs), and so on. Yes, overall YaST package management blows.

Why not just stick with the older version that works? Besides that, why would I need to look at SuSE at all? A user could just as well select Simply Mepis should they desire a newbie friendly distro or even better, consider Ubuntu along with a healthy dose of “Automatix”?

Eh, maybe I am beating a dead horse here. If SuSE is your bag, then go for it. But as it stands now, I have seen zero reason why I would want to partake in the RPM nightmare once again. Debian package management has never let me down. So considering that, I just can’t see myself getting too excited with this new release.

Think I am nuts? Fair enough., Those of you who have had good experiences with SuSE 10.2 specifically are encouraged to share your thoughts in the comments area above.
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