The System Restore function can be used when we users install a program that messes up our system. It happens to all of us and that is where restoring our system is a blessing.

What is System Restore?
System Restore monitors what is going on with your PC and periodically takes a ‘snapshot’ of your system’s important files. This ‘snapshot’ is what System Restore uses to take your system back in time to when your PC was functioning properly.

Where is System Restore Located?
Click on the Start button and then click on ALL Programs – Accessories – System Tools – System Restore. The Welcome to System Restore Window will appear.

How do I use the System Restore feature?

  1. Create A Restore Point: The first thing you need to do is click your mouse on the radio button next to the ‘create a restore point’ option. You will see that a small dot appears inside the radio button. This tells you that the option has been enabled. Once the option is enabled click the Next button. The Create a restore point window will now open. To create the restore point, simply type in a descriptive name, i.e. ‘My Restore Point’ in the System restore description dialogue box and then press the Create button. The system restore point is created and click on Close to finish.
  2. Restore my computer to a earlier time: The next step is to click on the Restore my computer to an earlier time option and then click the Next button. The next window allows you to select a specific date to restore your computer to. Once you have selected both the date and time of the restore, click the Next button. All you need to do now is confirm that the system restore date and time are correct. From the Confirm Restore Point Selection window you can view the details that have been selected. If these are correct simply press the Next button. Once the restore has completed, your system will restart. Your system should now be restored to a earlier time.

Good luck with your system!

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