Well we have another battery recall coming our way; this time it’s batteries manufactured by Sanyo totaling 1.3 million units, and being used in one of its phones. Seems the batteries may rupture, causing a hazard. So far there have been over a dozen cases reported of this happening.

The models are the D902i, D902iS, and D903i manufactured before May, 2006. Sales of these models have been suspended, and the company states if will be notifying consumers of the recall notice.

I think if I owned one of these phones, or I suspected my phone might be one among those recalled, I would do one of the following:

  • Go to Sanyo’s Web site to see if my phone is suspect.
  • Give Sanyo a telephone call.
  • Call the company where I bought the phone from.

Last thought – if you own one of the recalled models, you may wish to cease using it until the battery is replaced.

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