If you are experiencing problems with your McAfee Security products, you may need to uninstall the software before trying to repair or upgrade to a newer version. I had previously posted a tool that Symantec has for removing Norton products that have gone astray. Read the full story here.

But unfortunately, McAfee has no such tool. Instead the user must do a manual install of the product, if the add/remove procedure in control panel fails to uninstall the software properly.
This one statement got my attention:

“Windows will then attempt to remove McAfee VirusScan from your computer. If McAfee VirusScan is successfully uninstalled you do not need to complete the remaining steps in this document. If you receive error messages or find that McAfee VirusScan was not completely removed then follow the steps below to manually remove the program.”

You can take a look at the complete procedure here.
Hello McAfee! Don’t you think that your paying customers deserve a automated tool for their convenience to uninstall your product when things go amiss? I don’t think that is to much to ask.

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