Passwords are used to secure everything from bank accounts to cell phones, and also computers. Developing strong passwords is a necessary way to protect information. But the exact way to do this has always been up to debate.

Should we create strong, complicated passwords that we can’t remember, but need to write down on paper? Or should we use passwords that are simple enough so that we can remember them, but which increases the risk that they can be cracked?

Most security experts advise against using numbers that can identify you such as birthdays, social security numbers, and even your telephone number should not be used. Instead, they advise the following steps:

  1. Use a combination of letters and numbers that are memorable to you.
  2. Do not write this information down in an office environment.
  3. Use different passwords for different accounts. You don’t want all your accounts attacked if your password is cracked.
  4. Have a bunch of passwords? Consider using password software.
  5. Using smart cards is also an option.

And change your passwords often to protect your accounts.
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