In week #3, I took a look at the Parental Control feature built into Vista RTM. As I previously have mentioned, I will only be covering items that are new to this version of Windows.

For kids, a personal computer is a gateway to the world. However, if left to use the PC unsupervised, children might be tempted to visit sexually explicit Web sites. Or, worst case scenario, they might be approached in online chat rooms by people who mean to do them harm. And they might also use the computer for entertainment at times when they should be studying.

Vista incorporates a set of tools that parents can use, called Parental Controls, that will allow the parent:

  1. To decide when your children are allowed, or not allowed, to use the computer.
  2. To decide which computer games your children are allowed to play.
  3. To decide which programs, or applications, your child is allowed to use.
  4. To restrict certain sites for viewing.
  5. To review a report of the child’s activities.

Over all, the new parental control available in Windows Vista will provide the parent with some piece of mind that their children are using the computer safely.

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