I know this is not an area with fix-it advice or technology manuals to solve gadget problems, but it is a place to vent.

I think a lot of companies that update their software don’t pay any attention to how buggy they can be, sometimes. For a month now I have not been able to use my iPod nano on any of my computers. Both platforms – OS X and Windows. The iPod works fine for listening, and charges via the FireWire or electrical adaptor. But the darn thing will not show up on my desktop, or my iTunes. I have looked at Apple discussion boards and there are tons of people with the same issues. No answer from anyone affiliated with Apple. UGGGH. Some poor sucker bought an iPod for his son, was going to load songs on it for him, and it won’t work. The frustration is growing.

My husband will kick me in the butt if I want another iPod. I give him all my hand-me-downs. 🙂

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