Now maybe you have not bought into this whole notion of the social Web. Come on, bringing people together to do your work for you (I didn’t mean to say that) is Web 2.0 in a nutshell. One new and exciting Web site that my eyeballs have graced is Yoople. What is this Yoople? No, it has nothing to do with yogurt – it is a people powered search engine.

Yoople is what you would get if you mixed Yahoo with Google and you added the power of the public. Saying this is just a neat business model is an understatement. Here is a block of text I got from the Web site that should help you better understand why they are doing this.

At Yoople Project we believe that Web Searches are quite good, but not as smart as a human brain could do. As today we are forced to accept the order given by search engines and click the results as they are, unfortunately this does not mean the human searcher agrees with the returned results index. Moreover clicking a result does not mean the website contains the contents we were looking for.

Seems simple enough, right? Who says that we should have to bend to the will of the search engines for good results? With us all working together we could build the ultimate search engine. Now the highlight of this Web site is also what could bring it down. It needs people to make it work. Hopefully they will gain enough momentum to create something grand, because I like what I see so far.

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