All the vanilla colored folders are driving me insane. Honestly, was there no better way planned out for organizing things via the teams at Microsoft? At least real vanilla folders you would find out on the street can be marked on, colored, or set on fire. What can do you with your desktop folder icons to make them look different? Well, put down that torch Jimmy and give me a chance.

One awesome program that I have found that makes marking your folders a breeze is Folder Marker. Here is a little more about this download from the folks who developed it:

Folder Marker is a handy shell extension that enables you to quickly change folder icons to indicate a priority level or project status (high, low, done, half-done, planned etc.), or you can use it to mark a folder with a special icon or color of your choice. Simply right-click on any folder and select the icon or color to be used from the newly added menu option. Folder Marker supports single and multiple folder selections and is freeware.

Well it looks like I am not alone in my personal desire to make these folders a little more manageable. Now for my financial stuff, I will mark those folders green. For my important folders, they will get a red color. See what I mean? Once you get started with customizing the way the folders look, you become much more productive.

You now know what a folder is for just by looking at the icon. There is no more reading from top to bottom, wondering where that one folder is that you need out of the hundreds that are listed there. This is a great freeware program for those of us who like order.

[926K] [Win98/ME/2k/XP] [FREE]

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