It is unfortunate that many of us have been exposed to some of the flaws in our health care system when it comes to properly diagnosing an illness or disease. I have personally been involved in two situations concerning my loved ones in which, while attempting to diagnose a specific illness, we were subjected to several misdiagnoses before it was finally determined what the illness was, exactly, and proper treatment was taken. This extremely long waiting period causes undue hardship for the patient and the patient’s family.

Google’s VP Adam Bosworth has posted an interesting article in which he states that Google is interested in coming up with products and services to assist health care professionals and, it is hoped, have a better informed patient during the process.

He also states: “These are some of the health-related problems we’re thinking through at Google. We don’t have any products or services to announce yet and may not for quite some time, but we thought we’d share a bit about the problems we’re interested in helping out on even before we introduce solutions.”

I applaud Google and its staff for its efforts and hope that it can help shape future medical technology in assisting to properly diagnose those who become ill.

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