Wouldn’t it be fantastic to sit around and get paid for doing nothing? Well, what if I told you that in a sense, you can empower your PC to do just that? You might think I was pushing some sort of “get rich quick” scheme on you. Relax, I have no intention of shoving soap sales in your direction here. No, instead I would encourage you to consider looking closely at CPUShare.

Unlike other CPU cycle sharing initiatives, this one has the potential to put a little jingle in your jeans. What’s more exciting is to see what kind of programs will be built over the top of this platform. If done properly, it could be pretty exciting.

So what do you think? Email me at [email protected]. Note that, by clicking on that link, the subject defaults to “feedback.” Changing this subject will cause POPFile to quarantine your message and I will never see it – so please don’t!

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