Sometimes it is difficult to recommend any type of software product, because most of us have our favorites. As an example, I have used Microsoft Outlook for several years as my email client because I like the look and feel of it. Others have the opinion that they wouldn’t use either Outlook or Outlook Express because they are not secure enough. I am a die-hard Firefox user and wouldn’t use Internet Explorer. Go figure! We all have our favorites.

So I am also reluctant when I review any testing methodology since, in the back of my mind, I always wonder if the software company that came in number one paid some type of a hidden incentive fee behind the scenes for a higher ranking. I know, I’m bad! But when one reads about all of the corporate shenanigans, it is difficult, sometimes, to remain objective.

Now to the point. Over at Matousec Security, it performed a series of leak tests on software firewall products, and its results were somewhat surprising. It rated Comodo Personal Firewall and Jetico Personal Firewall beta as being excellent. While all of the favorites like Zone Alarm, Norton, McAfee, and the like ranked very good or lower.

Now, let’s not shoot the messenger. I’m only reporting what Matousec found.

Anyway, take a look here for the test results and make your own determination on what to use.

PS: I have heard good results from those using Comodo. I think I’ll take it for a personal test drive and do a review on it. This report peaked my curiosity on this product.

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