I know my clients always got tired of hearing me say how important it is to keep their security software updated and I am sure they got tired of receiving my emails once a week telling them more of the same. But the bad guys are not letting up on their attacks.

The Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) are the folks who monitor what the bad guys are doing, and show that spam and phishing are up 757% over last year. This huge jump means that more phishers are using multiple domain tactics to slip by basic anti-phishing defenses which affects all of us. Oh, joy!

Both Internet Explorer and Firefox provide defenses against phishing using blacklists. But by the time these lists are updated, the bad guys have already done their dirty work and are long gone.

Some people in the security forums are recommending a product called Spoofguard. I haven’t personally given it a try as of yet but may have to do so. It is available for download from here.

PS: This works on IE only.

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