I’ve been taking a look at some of the computer manufacturers’ Web sites concerning the upgrade process to Windows Vista, and it appears that each manufacturer has its own set of rules you must play by. And since we are all familiar with rebates, we know how important it is to follow the procedure exactly. I recall sending in one rebate where I failed to include the UPC code, even though the register receipt showed what I had bought, but it was a no-go according to its rules.

On the plus side, most manufacturers appear to have simplified the process. Here are the links to several of the main computer manufacturers’ Web sites, which reference their procedures for what is called “Express Upgrade To Windows Vista.” You may want to view the rules to make sure you get your copy in the specified time frame.

For Dell computer systems, take a look here.

For HP-Compaq computer systems, take a look here.

For Gateway computer systems, take a look here. (Note – this site also handles eMachines.)

For Sony computer systems, take a look here.

It also appears for those who own older systems from one of these OEMs that it will offer updated drivers either by download or on CD/DVD should you choose to upgrade to Vista. Again, check the manufacturer’s Web site for your specific model.

Enjoy your PC.

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