For years I would carry around, on either a floppy disks or CD-R, some of the tools I needed to repair Windows-based computer systems. This worked well, but would require that I made sure I had my case with me when I went on a service call. And sometimes I would be in a rush and guess what? I forgot the case!

Then came USB flash drives. The first batch of these handy devices were limited in storage capacity. I was able to get some of my tools (software) that I used, but not all of what I needed. And the soft plastic shells were easily crushed, destroying the unit.

So I needed a tough and rugged unit with at least 2B of storage for my business. What I found is SanDisk’s new Titanium USB flash drive. SanDisk states that these little units have a crush rate of up to 2,000 pounds. Now that’s rugged.

I have been using the USB flash now for the past several weeks and like it very much. The one thing I didn’t like was the price. I bought mine for $75 from Tiger Direct.

But it’s a new product, so you have to expect that it will sell for a premium.

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