It’s going to happen to you. It happens to all of us. Your computer won’t start and you haven’t made a backup since you bought the computer. And yes, you were going to make a backup just before the computer stopped working. 🙂

Well boys and girls, we have two excellent tools that may just save the day for you. Both of these software have some of the best freeware utilities on the market that rival some of the best professional software I have seen. And who likes free? We all do. Especially if it works. And why would you want both of these CDs? Since every computer system is somewhat different, if one CD doesn’t work for you, it’s nice to have a spare with slightly different programs.

ULTIMATE BOOT CD commonly referred to as UBC
UBC has about 100 utilities including hard disk setup, BIOS help, virus detection, disk and memory testers, boot mangers and network tools. Plus a heavy dose of rescue utilities.

For a complete listing of all of the tools plus the link to download, take a look here. And also take a look at the FAQ if you are not familiar with .iso images and how to create a boot disk located here.

ULTIMATE BOOT DISK FOR WINDOWS commonly referred to as UBCD4Win
UBC4Win also is a collection of freeware utilities contains software that allows you to repair, restore, or diagnose almost any computer problem. It provides network support, and the ability to modify NTFS volumes, recover deleted files, create new NTFS volumes, and scan hard drives for computer viruses.

A complete listing of all software contained in UBCD4Win is located on the website located here. Make sure you also read the FAQ’s. located here before proceeding.

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