There was a comment left in the posting on how to uninstall Symantec, asking how to download. We sometimes forget that there are still folks who are new to computing that may not know how to do some of the basics the rest of us take for granted. And with that in mind, I thought I would post the procedure on how to download.

The term download is often associated with downloading a software program from the Internet that can be installed and then run on your computer. So basically you are transferring a file or program from a computer on the Internet onto your computer system. And since this is a great way to become infected with a virus, it is very important to make sure that you have an anti-virus program running on your system, and that it is up to date.

  1. You can download a file or program from a Web site by first clicking on the link for the file you wish to download. Sometimes the Web site may automatically start the download process after waiting a few seconds. So be patient.
  2. Next, the browser should prompt you on what to do with the file. I recommended you select the option to save the file and place the file somewhere you’re going to remember. For Windows users I suggest saving the file to the desktop. Why? Because none of us, no matter how hard we try, can delete the desktop off the computer. 🙂
  3. After the file has been downloaded, double-click the file to start the setup of the program. Follow the onscreen directions. Installing a program downloaded from the Internet is just like you went to the store and bought a CD, except in most cases, the program is normally free.
  4. Finally, as previously mentioned, it is important to realize that files on the Internet may contain computer viruses; the best method of protecting yourself from computer viruses is to make sure your virus scanner is up to date.

That’s it. If you are still unsure how to download, have a friend, relative, or neighbor come to your home to show you how. Most people who have computers love to show off their skills and are happy to help.

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