Well I am sorry to report that the Comodo Firewall I had previously installed and which I had written about starting acting up on my system this week.

All firewalls require a learning period in which the user is asked if they want to allow certain programs on their system to access the Internet or other network computers. And so it went with Comodo. Except the software asked me if I wish to allow Firefox, my main browser, to access the Internet and I answered yes each time. I thought something was wrong, because every time I open Firefox, I got asked the same question.

So on Thursday morning I fired up my system and I was unable to connect to the Internet. I spent 20 minutes going through the normal diagnostics, including the repair option built into Windows XP. I also restarted both my cable modem and router. Still nothing. I then tried two of the other computers I have at home and both connected just fine to the Internet.

That is when it hit me. Could it be the Comodo Firewall? Sure enough, after I disabled the firewall I was able to connect to the Internet. So with reluctance, I uninstalled Comodo.

In all fairness, Comodo is not the only firewall that has this problem. I also had a similar situation using the free version of Zone Alarm on my wife’s computer. Again, all was well after I took Zone Alarm off.

I have read other similar reports concerning both McAfee and Norton having problems with their firewalls as well.

Am I done with Comodo? Nope. I’ll wait for a upgraded version and take it for another spin. 🙂

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