We all fall into email traps, especially when we are in a hurray. This list some of things we may do and ways to try to avoid them. It’s a simple list, and I am sure you will see some of your own mistakes.

Failing to follow e-mail etiquette

Don’t write emails when you are angry, calm down down first. Try not to use sarcasm in your reply. DON’T USE ALL CAPS. It means you are yelling. Include a sunject line, even a short one like ‘hi’ will do. Some spam filters may block emails with no subject.

Using one e-mail address for everything

Wonder why you get spam? Use multiple email address for different purposes. Keep your private email for close friend and family. Have one just for shopping on line. And maybe another for those odd ball web sites that require you to provide a email address that you know will be sold to spammers.

Forgetting the attachment

I’m bad. I’ve done this one before. Then I’ll get a note back saying, where’s the file or picture? Before hitting the send button make sure you have the attachment affixed to the message.

Sending e-mail to the wrong person

It happens to all of us. We send email to the wrong person. Check your addresses before hitting the send button. Are you sending the joke about Catholics to Father Brown. He may not appreciate the humor!

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