A open letter to Mr. Fred Langa of the now defunct ‘solo’ Langalist Newsletter:

Dear Fred,

For years I read your magazine column and then continued to follow you when you went on your own and started the Langalist newsletter. Like thousands of other subscribers, I would follow your articles, which always provide excellent information in a concise and thoughtful manner. We all looked forward to your weekly newsletter, knowing that Fred would provide us with some great information.

And it was a sad note when you revealed to us all that you were going to join up with Windows Secrets by Brian Livingston, and that the Langalist would be incorporated into the same newsletter. Though we didn’t know your reasons, the assumption was that Fred would still be on board and that was good enough for us.

So the first issue laid the groundwork on how things were going to be. Loaded with ads of all types and some puny information that was not worthy of your vast knowledge. Some of us in the various forums mentioned how sad this first issue was, and some vowed to cancel their subscriptions. I decided to hang in there for a while.

Today another issue of Windows Secrets – Langalist arrived but no Fred. Then it dawned on me that you always took some time off during the holidays. A well-deserved break. And it also dawned upon me why some of us were angry that the Langalist was gone.

You see, you had become more than just a tech writer, you had become a friend. A friend that we could count on to provide us with the best possible information and advice that anyone could give. A friend we invited into our home and a friend who we recommended to others. This is what we miss.

I know that I speak for the thousands who followed your newsletter in saying that we wish you all the very best for 2007 and for all the years to come.

Best Regards,

Ron Schenone

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