Can a honeymoon be romantic if there’s no Internet connection present? I have about ten more days to discover the answer to this age-old question. Granted, Wi-Fi happens to be available throughout our cruise ship for 30 cents per minute – do I dare stay online for an hour at a time? We’re on our Christmas / New Year’s / Honeymoon vacation in the Caribbean, but I believe Ponzi and I are both grateful that the cruise ship has placed a television set (with a limited amount of channels) in our stateroom. Yes, sometimes it’s nice to escape the constant flow of news – but being slightly outside “the know” for too long makes me feel more than a bit anxious. I simply don’t vacation well (as evidenced by our earlier trip to Maui). A week is about as much as I can take away from home, but even home has been relatively chaotic as of late (with a recent move, our marriage, a region-wide power failure, etc.). There’s a lot to do on a cruise ship, but “geeking” typically isn’t one of them.

You don’t realize just how dependent you are on the Internet until you don’t have it. Moreover, we’re accustomed to dozens of digital cable channels at our disposal – and here, we’re limited to only a handful of networks (including sports stations which are completely wasted on us). We were glued to CNN and Fox News late last night, watching the events surrounding Saddam Hussein’s execution unfold. Here we are, sitting inside a small cabin on a Regent cruise liner in the Gulf of Mexico, witnessing events from halfway around the world. It’s rather amazing if you stop and think about it. We’ve become information junkies, and that addiction has been further fueled by increasingly convenient access. Our bodies are clearly separated from the flow, but our minds are still very much hungry for a stream of data. Some might argue that I have more important things to consider on my honeymoon – like, do I want the Swedish or Shiatsu massage? Hey, maybe if I could get a spa robot to rub my back – now that would be something to remember.

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