I keep reading articles on the Internet from alleged technology writers and technology Web sites who continually bash Google and who like to predict how bad Google will do in the year 2007. And how other search engines, like the one from the founder of Wikipedia, is going to trump Google and bring them to their knees.

And how once YouTube is cleansed of its porn and copyright material, Google will struggle to maintain content.

And how click fraud is running rampant and advertisers are fed up with being taken down the river.

And how Google will struggle to maintain its over $400 stock prices.

Reality Check
Bottom line is I use Google every day because right now it is, IMHO, the best of the best. And I know most people I have spoken with feel the same way.

And Google tools and utilities, for the most part, work very well.

And Google Earth spins circles around anything currently being offered.

And Google Gmail freebie offers over 2G of of hard disk space and their spam filter catches over 95% + of the junk from my mailbox.

And Google Picasa works just fine with my digital camera.

And Google blogger offers a simple to use setup and nice templates compared to anything I’ve seen being offered.

And Google stock going from $80 to $500 isn’t a bad return. Horace Greeley once stated when asked how the market would do stated “there will be highs and there will be lows.”

Do you think there might be some jealousy?

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