With the mobility of laptops, coffee shops and email have become closely linked because of the wireless Internet access points, called hotspots, offered at many coffee shops. This is a win-win situation for the coffee shop and workers who might otherwise might not stop in. Mobile workers enjoy hotspots because they provide a comfortable and sometimes a tasty place, to connect to the Internet.

Coffee shops are hardly the only hotspots. They’re also widely available in book stores, restaurants, airports, hotels, truck stops, and other places that mobile workers gather. The typical hotspot may also provide food and drink while customers surf the Internet. Hotspots can be great productivity enhancers when you must be away from the office and if you use them securely.

So here is a web site in which you can look for hotspots in your area or where ever you are traveling to.

Check out the link below.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Finder

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