I just got finished reading an article Scot Finnie wrote for PC World comparing Internet Explorer to Firefox.

And after reading what Scot had to say, I had two thoughts. The first was a biased opinion that agreed with the article that Firefox was a better browser. And the second was: Why do I use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer?

I had to look back to my first experience using the Internet starting about 1993. At that time I lived in a small town nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, and there was no access to the Internet. But a group of us formed a computer club which effectively sought a company to bring Internet access to us, and we were fortunate to finally be able to convince a company to set us up.

The first browser I used was Netscape. It was the browser of choice at the time, mainly because it was one of the only browsers available and everybody was using it. Then Microsoft came out with its version of a browser called Internet Explorer. I tried it, but always went back to Netscape. And I continued to use Netscape products until its demise.

I went back to Internet Explorer until the Mozilla project took shape and I gave Firefox a try. I liked it and have been using Firefox ever since. But why? Scot states “it provides the best overall user experience.”

I believe it is how the software ‘feels’ to the user. Can software feel right to us? You bet. It is a natural flow of how the software functions that makes it easy for a particular user to control the software itself. For me, Firefox just has the right ‘feel.’ So it is not a case of who has the better browser – that debate has gone on for many years. It is which browser fits you, the computer, user the best. That’s the bottom line. 🙂

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