You may have noticed in my previous posts that I like free software. Why? Because over the years I have found that many free software products do just as good of – and sometimes a better – job than their paid counterparts. So here is a list of products I have used that I think you will find beneficial.

When I first started using this product, it was named Cr*p Cleaner, but it seems the author has chosen to rename the software for obvious reasons. Anyway, CCleaner does a great job of removing the gunk and junk that can clog up the works. It removes errant registry files, duplicate dll, files, temp Internet files, and a whole lot more. You can get a free copy here.

Yahoo! Widgets
Dress up your desktop with a useful assortment of mini-applications that can help you get organized or just use them for entertainment. There is something for everyone here.

Free Download Manager
For those using Internet Explorer, Free Download Manager is a must have tool. The free software can pick up a dropped connection and continue the download process. Get your copy from here.

How secure are you while surfing the Web? Gibson Research will scan your system and make recommendations on how to close those holes it finds. Free scan here.

This extension works for those who use Mozilla Firefox or other Mozilla products. The download manager makes it a breeze to get your favorite download and it supports multiple downloads as well. Your free copy is available here.

Need a whole suite of programs including a Web browser, email, and a whole lot more? Then SeaMonkey may be for you. If you have used Netscape Communicator software, SeaMonkey is a continuation of the Netscape project. Try it here.

Google Picasa
This is all I ever use to transfer photos from my digital camera and to keep them organized. And it’s a freebie from here.

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