I first wrote about energy-saving compact fluorescent bulbs here on Lockergnome two and a half years ago. Chris just saw “An Inconvenient Truth” while floating around the Caribbean and decided that compact fluorescents are the way to go. Well, yeah little brother! I guess Al Gore is more convincing than yours truly…

We’ve had compact fluorescent bulbs in every possible receptacle here at Ranchero Indebto for years now. I like to think that the bulbs have reduced our electric bill (even though it’s still outrageously high). Even so, I run around the house shutting off the lights after everyone’s left for the day. It’s time to get off my duff and finally put my Kill A Watt watt hour meter to work to figure out where we’re burning all of those expensive watt hours.

It sounds like Chris is thinking about switching to a hybrid car, too. When he gets back on the mainland (and off that 30 cents per minute wi-fi), he should check my chart of cars that get better than 30 mpg. I’m keen on the idea of high MPG biodiesels, myself.

And watch out… word is that Toyota is showing a 400 horsepower FT-HS Supra concept at the Detroit auto show with a hybrid power train that will launch the rocket ship to 60 MPH in just four seconds. Pokie Prius, not!

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