Serif Software is offering a free download of its photo editing software for you to try. The software is supposed to correct flaws in your photos or images and can correct brightness, color, and also remove red eye. The software maker states that the software is easy to use – even for beginners.

And since it is free, you may wish to give it a try.

Other attributes that the software maker lists are:

Creative Tools
Paintbrush, airbrush, clone, smudge and erase tools with adjustable brush settings including size, shape, softness and fade are all at your fingertips.

Layer Effects
Add Bevel or Drop Shadow layer effects for a sophisticated 3D look on text or other image elements. The layer manager lets you alter and preview specific image layers. This is how the professionals do it.

Just to name a few.

Your free copy of of Serif Software Photo Plus 6 is available here.

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