Over the years we all develop a listing of gurus and experts that we trust for good, solid information, plus a listing of Web sites that we frequent for help on computer problems and/or advice. I have my favorites, such as forums, for which I provide content and associate with. I also have a list of Web sites that I refer people to that may help in solving a specific, related problem.

So I’ll first start with forum Web sites.

Operated by Chris Pirillo and associates, I have been a member of Lockergnome for the past five years. Lockergnome is filled with useful information and consists of a group of dedicated helpers with a vast array of knowledge. The forum is mutli-faceted in that, unlike many forums, there are also forums outside of the normal computer sections, i.e. political, bargain hunter, RSS & Atom tips, and even a forum to post your favorite recipes. Drop by and take a look-see for yourself.

Scot’s Newsletter Forum
Operated by Scot Finnie and friends, I have held membership in this forum since its inception. The Linux forum is one of the best on the Internet for information and computer help for any distribution. The resident Linux guru Bruno has a vast wealth of information to share. There is also a great collection of other experts to assist you on any computer problem. This is a very friendly forum and all newcomers are welcomed with open arms. Give this one a try, also.

KRC Forum
Operated by fellow MVP Kevin and friends, this is a small forum staffed by knowledgeable experts who offer solid solutions to all of your computer needs. Being small in size has its benefits since your post won’t get lost in the shuffle. Kevin is great at solving those spyware issues that plague all of us. He is the resident expert when it comes to evaluating Hijack This logfiles. Stop by and introduce yourself and post your computer problem and add your computer expertise for all to share.

I’ll be doing a follow up covering computer help sites and newsletters of interest in my future posts.

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