I saw this article posted in one of the forums I belong to, so I followed the link to the posting to a article in the Inquiror. The person in the forum was poking fun at Windows and used this article to show how the world was switching over to Linux, one person at a time.

I read with interest how this tech was trying to install software from HP backup CDs because of Microsoft’s policy that prohibits vendors from shipping the original Windows disk. The writer stated: “This is where the pain began. Microsoft has a policy where the vendors can’t ship you a Windows CD so instead they have to send you a series of restore CDs.” I personally have not heard of such a policy – has anyone else? I always thought that the OEMs had switched to restore CDs to make it easier for a consumer to restore their system back to factory defaults.

But what I found of extreme interest was that the person setting up these computers ran into problems with setting up the controller in Windows because they hadn’t taken the time to go to Promise’s Web site and download the drivers. That would have seemed the simple solution. Even if a floppy wasn’t available, I am sure a USB port could have been used.

So we are then led to believe that Ubuntu Linux had the correct driver available, and, once installed, worked perfectly.

Is it just me, or am I missing something here? The story has some holes in it, and appears to be more of a bash against Microsoft and HP than a reliable source of a problem that occurred.

Comments and clarifications are welcome. 🙂

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