I would be the first to say that I know nothing of building applications, short of the ones that I am working on building with Brandon’s Leopard. But then I  came across something interesting and I thought this looked like something that might prove helpful to those of you programming with Delphi? From the looks of things, support is good for enabling programmers to have the tools they need to make sure that their apps are working right with Vista.

And this brings me to another point. I am impressed at the level of documentation and support that Windows Devs receive when it comes to creating software for the Windows Operating System. In some ways, there may be lessons here with regard to support and documentation for open source community. I may be wrong as I am speaking as a non-programmer looking in from the outside, but it sure seems this way to me.

Curious, are there other programming support sites out there to help Vista software to work just that much better? If so, hit the comments section up and we can examine them together. Who knows, I might just come away more informed from the experience?