For those of you who have Gmail accounts, you are wondering why anyone would need over 2G of mail space. I’ve been using Gmail for well over a year and even with the amount of junk I receive (I use it as a disposable email address), I rarely exceed using about 2% of the two plus Gs available. In fact, I just checked and I have about 2700MB available.

And here is a software that can take advantage of this unused space to store your stuff. What is further unique about this software is that it actually sets up a virtual drive inside of Explorer from where you can store and retrieve your files. When you store a file, it creates a new email with the file attached. Simple concept.

I took the software for a test drive and it did exactly what the author said. It set up an image drive in Explorer and I was able to store and retrieve files at will. Just be aware that there are no security precautions in place and I would not store confidential or important files on the site. But you can clear some of the gunk off your computer and store it relatively safely.

I would highly recommend that before trying this software you read the author’s description of the software and how to set up the software correctly.

This is experimental software, so be careful.

You can download the software for free from here.

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