For those using the Firefox browser and who may be experiencing lockups or freezes, you may want to take a look at your extensions to see if these could be the problem. Like all software, we hope that they will live in harmony together. Same with extensions. But some may interfere with each other. Some people in the forums have mentioned running 30 or 40 extensions, then wonder why Firefox doesn’t work properly.

What are extensions? These are apps that can be incorporated into the Firefox browser to perform a variety of functions. An example of one of the extensions I use is Forecast Fox. This places an icon at the bottom of the Firefox browser that provides me with the latest weather information and weather for the following day.

Firefox has a listing of extensions that may cause problems located here.

You may also wish to check out the Firefox standard diagnostic page. This article provides information on how to protect your ‘user profile’ in case you experience a problem using Firefox. By maintaining a backup of your ‘user profile,’ you will not lose any of your bookmarks or other settings. The time to back up your profile is before you experience any problems.

I would recommend that you bookmark these pages in case you run into problems at some future date and time. They can be very helpful in getting the Firefox browser up and running again. 🙂

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