Where to begin. There are so many great sites to get computer software help from, that they are difficult to list. Below are listed the ones that have I used and continue to use today. These sites offer something different and no two are exactly the same. This is my personal opinion and your mileage may vary. 🙂

Elder Geek: A solid site of helpful information and links. This is where I first learned how to ‘slipstream’ Windows. Also available is an update newsletter and also a forum.

Lockergnome: One of the most comprehensive sites on the Internet. There are a vast array of experts available, posting useful hints and tips, newsletters, and several different forums. There is too much to list. You just have to see the entire site.

Kelly’s Korner: This is where I go for the tweaks and fixes for the oddball problems that affect Windows XP. Missing your Ding.wav file? There’s a fix for it.

Doug’s Windows Tweaks &Tips: More good stuff and utilities.

Karen’s Power Tools: A vast source of free utilities that I still use today. Her replicator software backs up my stuff daily to a network drive. She has a great assortment of great software. All free.

EZLAN.NET: Great site to diagnose networking problems or to get information on setting up a home or SOHO network.

Michael Stevens Tech. Com: His article on “Repair Install” for Windows XP is great. I have referred quite a few people to his site who otherwise would have ended up formatting and doing a clean install of XP.

Inside Outlook Express: Plenty of info on OE and how to fix it.

Between these seven Web sites, you should be able to find about 95% of the most common software problems that will affect Windows plus some software that will keep Windows working correctly.

Next it will be “Great Sites – Computer Hardware Help.”

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