This is a very interesting concept for bloggers to write about their home town or where they live. is a new kid on the block – a place where people can place their blurbs that are specific to where they live. Though the blurbs may contain local news, this is also a place for people to share their thoughts and insights to non-specific things like what’s new in the ‘hood, where they ate – anything pertaining to their daily existence.

There is one statement in the ‘about us’ feature that mentions “I hope that you’ll enjoy this way of getting to know America at sidewalk level as much as I have.” So my guess is the site may be limited to the US of A only. This may be something that you would have to ask the site developers about.

So take a look at what should be a interesting place to get to know your neighbors. Better yet, add your voice and express your views about where you live. I think this may turn into a fun experience.


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