Last Saturday night we were invited to a neighborhood get together which both my wife and I were excited about, since we had recently moved into the neighborhood and were the new people on the block. This would be a good time to make new acquaintances and also to introduce ourselves and hopefully make new friends.

About a hour or so into the party, I mentioned that I did computer repairs to a neighbor I’ll call Fred. Fred said he had bought a Sony PS3 but that he was having trouble with it and if I would take a look at it for him. Sure I’d love to since this would be a great opportunity to try a new toy.

So after the festivities I went to Fred’s home only to find that not only did he have a PS3, but his kids also had an Xbox and a Wii. The PS3 was hooked up to an HDTV running at 1080p, which is the latest and greatest this week. We started to play Madden’s Football 2007 and I immediately noticed that the graphics were stunning. Even the word stunning doesn’t describe it – maybe superb would be a better choice. But after about 30 minutes of play, the game froze.

While playing the game, Fred mentioned that he had installed the latest updates for the system, but it kept freezing on him. So I thought that the problem could be a heat issue, since I remember reading that some owners of PS3s had reported some problems with the units getting toasty warm.

Sure enough, Fred had placed the unit inside of the closed portion of his entertainment center, with only a two inch hole at the rear of the cabinet to run cables. When I opened the door to the cabinet, I could feel a warm blast of air and the bottom of the shelf, where the unit sat, was very warm to the touch. After letting the unit cool for about 20 minutes, I pulled it outside of the cabinet and fired it back up. The system then ran normally for the next hour without a problem. Simple solution – give the unit more breathing room.

I made a deal with Fred to come back to try both the Xbox and Wii at a later time to do a comparison of all three gaming units and to do a review. He agreed. I must admit that the Xbox and Wii will have to be super great to beat the PS3, which I really enjoyed playing.

Oh, yeah. I beat Fred playing football 27-21! 🙂

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