One of the biggest complaints and one that is most frustrating in Windows Networking is the dreaded ‘access denied’ error message. This often occurs out of the blue after months of using the Windows Network without any problems. And the solution to the problem varies from computer to computer. I’m going to list some tips and sites to look at that may help in troubleshooting this problem and hopefully will help to get your Windows Network functioning again.

What causes this error message? It could be that a recent software update has caused the problem, or that your anti-virus or third party firewall has suddenly decided to block LAN traffic or that you have an infected system with a virus or malware. The list goes on and is not isolated to just these issues.

Usually the first thing I try is to set up a new network. I don’t use the Network Wizard. I have seen where people will use the Network Wizard a dozen times and when they are finished their systems totally refuse to talk to each other. I try setting up the network manually.

  • Administrator – you must set up the network from the Administrator account.
  • Connections – make sure all connections to your hub, switch, or router are secure and in good order.
  • Workgroup – All PCs need to be on the same Workgroup with different names for each computer.
  • Permissions – file and folder permissions should offer full control by everyone using the network.
  • Virus and Firewalls – disable both while setting up the new network protocols.

Still frustrated and having problems ? Here is a list of sites to try that will provide additional help and assistance.

This is a great site to start troubleshooting problems. It lists many of the common causes of network errors.

Microsoft’s site and its recommendations can be found here.

Ezlan networking site which is one of my personal favorites. Start here.

I hope this helps.
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