It took a little bit of looking, but you know something, this looks pretty reasonable. I have just installed EasyCam2 and I have to say, this think is really, really easy to set a webcam up with.

Now it should be made very clear that I do not recommend rushing out to buy a brand new cam only to get it home and find out that EasyCam2 does not support it. Sure, this is not to stop you from buying it, keeping the receipt and then returning it later on. But for most people, it gives them an option should their existing webcam happen to work with this list of supported cams.

In another article from this series, I showed you a cam that publicly supported Linux. Seriously, it’s on the packaging for goodness sake. So I known that while most US manufacturers have turned their backs on myself and other Linux users, there are those overseas options that are more than happy to work with us.

But for now, this offers us a NDISWrapper kind of alternative for our webcams with GUI goodness once its installed: Forward, pick your driver, Forward, start the install and then wait (remember to be patient upon a freeze) and then apply – it’s just that easy.

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