About once a month or so I receive Dell’s sales blurb magazine as well as weekly email updates. Why Dell? Because Dell has been one of the low price leaders in the industry and at one time had the best customer satisfaction experience. But it seems that Dell may have missed the train, for various reasons, and slipped into the number two position just behind HP. Nonetheless, I always like to see what’s new from Dell and also from HP. Yep. I get the blurbs from HP as well.

I haven’t been to Dell’s site in a long time, so I decided to stop by to see what was new. WOW! I knew that Dell had purchased AlienWare computers last year, but I didn’t realize just how far this venture took Dell until I spotted a water-cooled computer designed for overclockers. Take a look at this bad boy!

If you don’t know what ‘overclocking’ is, then this system isn’t for you. 🙂 Prices start at $1999, so this system is definitely for the serious computer enthusiasts and high-end gamers.

And I guess the next big news from Dell is that it will be offering some type of a data migration service sometime starting in 2007. It looks like the service will allow users to upload their files to a server and then they will have two options. Let Dell do the loading of the files to their new computer before it ships (that’s a nice feature), OR the consumer can retrieve their files once they get their new system from Dell. This sounds like a great idea. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the other major OEMs may do this as well.

Let’s face it. Most consumers haven’t a clue on how to get their stuff off of their old PC and transfer it over to their new system. Hopefully this transfer of info will be done by some type of ‘software wizard’ that will help the consumer with this chore. Just a guess on my part. And hopefully it will be painless. You can take a look at Micheal Dell’s keynote speech on video from here.

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