I have been looking for a Free firewall to try on my systems and stumbled upon one from Ghost Security called GhostWall. According to the software manufactures blurb they state:

“GhostWall in a lot of cases is the only real alternative to the built in Windows firewall!

  • Ideal for low latency applications
  • Doesn’t impact online games (Counter-Strike,World of Warcraft,etc)
  • Low resource and CPU use
  • Shows blocked attacks and country of origin
  • 64-bit (x64 / XP64) compatible
  • Simple and easy to use”

Seeing that it was a freebie, I decided to give it a try. The download is relatively small, only 656 KB and took a matter seconds to get the install file onto my system. Installation was smooth and after completion I noted a Ghost looking icon down by my clock. I left the default settings that came with the system in place, I went to Gibsons Research site to do some pounding on my ports via Shields Up.

All came back as either closed or in stealth mode. Which is good, but also is the same when I use the built-in firewall for Windows XP. And that is when I noticed that Ghost Wall had not replaced the firewall in XP, but was running as a supplement to it. Hmm…… Most firewalls I have used in the past take over all protections, turning off XP’s firewall automatically.

Next I look at the resources being used, and as advertised, Ghost Wall was using only 636k of memory. Thus it does qualify as a super low resource user. I think Ghost Wall because of it’s low system resources and easy to use menu system, may be one to give a try. Plus it’s FREE !

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