If true, this is disturbing. A rumor that is being posted by some credible sites, see article here, indicated that terrorists may be using Google Earth to plot attacks. According to the articles I have read, some unknown British military sources have supposedly found maps in the hands of insurgents that are from the Google site.

I am not privy as to how new the pictures are on Google Earth, but I recall something that happened to me during the holidays. My son-in-law was surfing the Net and he did a Google Earth for a residence he and his family had lived in some two years prior. As he zoomed in to his old home, he made mention that these photos must be old, since he was able to view his own pickup truck parked in the driveway plus other vehicles he once owned.

This makes some sense, since I think it would be extremely expensive to map the entire Earth with the latest photos. Especially since Google Earth is a freebie.

Just some thoughts to throw out. Hopefully the bad guys are not able to glean too much intel.

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