I mentioned in a previous article that Google has a Alert service that provides news related articles several times a day on anything you may be interested in. I added both AMD and Intel to my alerts, and this is where the confusion began. Bear with me a moment while I explain. I only choose to monitor AMD and Intel mainly for alerts on new products. But the alerts I have been receiving seem to be directed towards their performance, or lack of depending on which article you read, with contradictory statements.

As a example:

AMD Seeks To Overcome Pressure From Intel-This article describes that AMD has cut prices because Intel did, now AMD’s profits are suffering.

Analysts: Intel’s Shrinking Margins Signal AMD’s Rise – This article states that AMD is gaining more market share and beating Intel.

I won’t bore you with the other articles which attest to one company rising, one falling, prices up, prices down, prices everywhere. What surprised me was the fact that between all of the opinions being thrown out, how is anyone to know which are true and which are not?

This just adds to the mistrust people have of big corporations. How can anyone believe the numbers being thrown around by either company.

End of rant. 🙂

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