If you use Internet Explorer, you should take a peek at the Internet Options window. This is where most of the configuration changes are made to the Web browser. You can access the Internet Options window by selecting Internet Options from the Tools menu within the browser. An alternate method is to access the Internet Options through the Control Panel.

There are several tabs available from the Internet Options dialog box. The three that you pay closer attention to are Security, Privacy, and Connections tabs.

For security purposes, Internet Explorer allows you to place Web sites into different zones. Specific actions can then be performed on Web sites based on the zone it has been placed in. The Security tab available from the Internet Options dialog box displays four separate zones:

  • Internet: These contain the majority of other sites that have not been placed in another zone.
  • Local Intranet: These are the sites that exist within your organization’s intranet.
  • Trusted Sites: These are sites that you trust not to damage your computer and/or data.
  • Restricted Sites: These sites are considered potentially harmful to your computer and/or data.

A Web site can be added to a zone by selecting the specific zone, clicking the Sites button, and typing in the address of the Web site.

From the Security tab, you can also set the security level for a zone. For example, sites on an Intranet are more than likely safe, so you can configure a low level of security for the Local Intranet zone. Each zone is configured with a default security level. You can accept the default settings or you can customize the security level to meet your specific needs. The security level for a zone can be changed by moving the slider to low, medium-low, medium, or high. Alternatively, more experienced users can define a custom level of security.

Finally, new in Internet Explorer 7.0 is Protected Mode. You can enable or disable Protected Mode from the Security tab. When this feature is enabled, it is more difficult for malware programs to be installed on your computer.

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