As I previously mentioned, one of my neighbors has all three consoles, PS3, Nintendo and a X-Box 360. I have reported on the PS3 and Nintendo Wii and yesterday I made it over to his house to play with Microsoft’s X-Box 360.

This unit is equipped with the wireless setup which eliminates cord tangle. And the game controllers are fairly easy to use for the novice, once you master all of the buttons. My neighbors was playing a game online when I got there. Action was fast paced. A little to fast paced for my pinkies. I immediately crashed and burned.

So I waited awhile while he played than stole the system to play Gears of War, which is one of the newer X-Box games. Great graphics even on a standard CRT TV was my first impression. And then the problem began. That easy controller for the novice? Well it took this novice some time to figure out what buttons were which, even after reading the manual. But I was able to control the game after some practice. Is this good or bad? Neither. All games have a learning curve no matter whether you are using a console or a PC for play.

Then I tried COD 3. This newest of the Call Of Duty releases, has only been made available for consoles and not PC’s as of yet. Game play for CDO3 is very similar to COD2, so the learning curve was almost nil. And of course the graphics on COD3 were excellent on the X-Box 360 and it was difficult to put it down.

Once I got back home I checked Activisions site and still no COD 3 for the PC. 🙁

My overall impression of the X-Box 360 is that it is a excellent gaming console, though it is expensive in comparison to the other available consoles. It it worth the extra cost? That is a choice only you can make.

I did do one thing. I asked my neighbors family if they would take a few minutes to write down their thoughts on which gaming rig they liked the best and why. I’m hoping to get the results this week sometime and will share them with you. And I’ll also jot down which console I personally liked the best.
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