The Mozilla project has released SeaMonkey 1.1 for your enjoyment.

What is SeaMonky? It is a combo suite of applications which includes a browser, email program,newsgroup client, IRC chat and also a HTML editing program. SeaMonkey is based on Netscape Communicator before Netscape went out of business. OK. Was forced out of business by Microsoft.

I recall the old Netscape Communicator so I thought, why not, let’s take a look at SeaMonkey. The download is about 13MB and went fairly quickly on a broadband connection. Installation was fairly straight forward with being asked to import favorites, bookmarks and email addresses from my installed programs.

After the installation completed I cranked up SeaMonkey, but it wouldn’t start. Uninstall and reinstall. Still no start. Strange. Another uninstall – reinstall and bang! It started working. I haven’t a clue why the install stalled, but all is well. Computers…you gotta love them.

SeaMonkey has a lot more options than Firefox available, which requires the installation of applets. And SeaMonkey is no slouch when it comes to speed. About equal to if not better than Firefox. The built-in email program, though similar to Thunderbird, seemed to me to be easier to use. HTML editor. This is where I think SeaMonkey shines. If you are setting up web pages, I think that SeaMonkey is a very viable option to consider.

Overall, I liked SeaMonkey. I found it very easy to use. And having a suite of applications in one program may appeal to some. And being a Firefox fan, SeaMonkey was very easy to adjust to. Try it for yourself. I think you might be in for a enjoyable experience. I know I was. 🙂

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