Task Manager has changed a bit in Vista. There are now six tabs within the Task Manager window instead of four as seen in Windows XP. The Applications tab serves to display all of the active applications on the system. Services and application-spawned processes will not appear with this tab. The Processes tab, however, will display all processes running on the server – applications, processes, and services. From within either the Applications or the Processes tab, you have the ability to stop an entry. This doesn’t mean that you can always do so successfully. Many applications will spawn multiple processes which are wither system-protected, or so interrelated that stopping an application or process is impossible to do without compromising system integrity. When this happens, you will either be presented with a message indicating that the app/process cannot be stopped, or a cycle of messages that amount to the same thing.

You can also right-click on an application from the Application tab and select the Go To Process option. This will switch to the Processes tab, with the associated process highlighted. It will not, however, display all associated processes.

New to Vista is the Services tab. Like the Applications tab, the Services tab lists all the services that are running on the computer. If you return to the Processes tab, you can right click on any process and select the Go To Service option. This will switch to the Services tab and the service associated with the process will be highlighted. You will also notice at the bottom of the Services tab that there is a Services button. This provides quick access to the Services console.

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